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2010 G-power BMW X6 Typhoon RS

2010 G-power BMW X6 Typhoon RS

2010 G-power BMW X6 Typhoon RS - German studio G-Power, known for tuning of the most powerful car brand BMW, holds several records for speed, as one of the most famous works and is BMW M5 Hurricane RR.

In terms of model engineers 2010 G-power BMW X6 Typhoon RS now has two major developments behind – Typhoon and Typhoon RS. The first version, which has a standard 4.4-liter V8 was processed, the volume increased to 4.8 liters and power to 625 hp Typhoon accelerates to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds.

2010 G-power BMW X6 Typhoon RS

However, this apparently was not enough because a little later G-Power out variety  2010 G-power BMW X6 Typhoon RS. It was equipped with a 5.5-liter engine with two turbines, which then reached a serious Developing power of 900 hp Acceleration to 100 was only 4.2 seconds and top speed – 330 km / h.

This helped  2010 G-power BMW X6 Typhoon RS to set a world record for crossovers, improve achievement Brabus GLK V12. This model has become one of the most expensive car tuning. Its price is 675,000 Euros. Furthermore, is already quite valuable because it had produced only five copies.

Now engineers at G-Power showed a new development, positioned between the Typhoon and  2010 G-power BMW X6 Typhoon RS. Logical and model designation is S. Amendments to the exterior are mainly associated with the new front “apron”. The cover of the motor compartment is made from carbon alloys and is equipped with effective and very efficient vents.

Exhaust system is also new. It is made of stainless steel; ending four pipes with a diameter of 125 mm. Extra charge exhaust system can be made of titanium Exterior rear vision is complemented by interesting carbon fiber diffuser. V-shaped eight-cylinder engine Typhoon S has working volume 4.4 liters. The two turbochargers are new electronics is completely reprogrammed and the speed limiter is removed. Thanks to these re-works output reaches 725 hp, with 170 more horses than the standard BMW X6 M. Maximum torque is electronically limited 890 lb-ft, which is done to protect the gearbox. There is an option, however, transmission can be enhanced and then torque can reach up to 1000 Nm. With similar characteristics Typhoon S reaches a maximum speed of 300 km / h.

2010 G-power BMW X6 Typhoon RS

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is also impressive in 2010 G-power BMW X6 Typhoon RS. It is similar to that of the more powerful modification RS – 4.2 seconds. Of interest are the rims. They are G-Power Silverstone RS and have size 23 inches. Aluminum wheels are “wrapped” with Michelin tires sized 280/30 front and 315/25 rear. The idea of creating Typhoon S is to be improved aerodynamics and therefore the interior is not nothing changed. The aerodynamic package is offered at a price of ? 6,900 without installation. 23-inch wheels with tires worth 8865 Euros, and the processing unit is offered at a price of 13,526 Euros.

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