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2011 Ford Kuga

2011 Ford Kuga

2011 Ford Kuga - With the advent of the Ford Kuga company called automatically transferred. The crossover has kinetic design and compact segment. This class is extremely popular recently in Europe and was a logical and Germans to show their views on the matter. It is already a reality in our country said to Kuga and impresses with a sleek and stylish exterior and functional interior. Actually Kuga is no different than slightly raised Focus and four-wheel drive. Diesel engine rated at 136 hp provides excellent performance, but the car has its drawbacks.

Ford Kuga 2011 engine

Exterior - Ford Kuga as already mentioned, the new off-road vehicle is made on the Focus platform and therefore not strange that it looks like outside. The kinetic design, which the company is very proud is transferred and Kuga. It is evident in most parts of the body, most clearly expressed in the typical brand headlights and raised hood big grille. Interest is the fifth door that looks a whole, but may be divided into two common horizontally. The remaining parts of the exterior of the Kuga are flowing smoothly into each other and strictly follow the company’s other new features of the models.

Ford Kuga 2011 Interior

Ford Kuga 2011 Interior

If you entered the hall of the new Focus or even the new Mondeo, Ford Kuga will inevitably notice a strong similarity between these models and crossover Kuga. Salon impresses with an excellent mix of different materials, several types of plastics, textiles and leather, which are characterized by very good quality. Are well matched except that appear to not hear any parasitic noises and gnashing of joints. The devices are functional and informative. Typically German lacks advanced solutions – everything is conservative and well-known potential fan of the brand. One of the new Mondeo is borrowed from the Start / Stop button, located in the upper center console. Disadvantages associated with the seats and in particular the backs. They are narrower and certainly cause discomfort to a large driver and passenger. Back is not large enough. However, relatively little rack is very functional.

Engine and chassis specs

Two-liter diesel has excellent dynamics, which is associated with high fuel consumption of Ford Kuga. The unit is quiet and comes with a six-speed manual transmission makes the car agile and fun to ride. Gears are short and only in their frequent switching are slightly annoying in urban environments. On the highway the car behaves very well. Despite the general high center of gravity compared to that of Focus, the car is stable.

2011 Ford Kuga

But when you find yourself Ford Kuga  in rough terrain you will encounter some difficulties. Choosing the Haldex coupling is not the best option. For long ride in places where there is no asphalt, the mechanism is likely to overheat and cause the driver and passengers to unpleasant emotions. In fact, this car is not at all designed for off-road adventures. Kuga is a convenient vehicle for young and dynamic people who love picnics, skiing, etc.

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