Tuesday, October 9, 2018

2011 Maserati SUV

2011 Maserati SUV

2011 Maserati SUV - After only two months during the Frankfurt Motor Show, Maserati Company plans to introduce its first crossover 2011 Maserati SUV. It will be shown as a prototype, but the knowledge will be almost ready serial version.

Development of off-road vehicle 2011 Maserati SUV with the trident of the radiator grille was confirmed last year by the head of FIAT Sergio Marikone. 2011 Maserati SUV is built on a platform of new generation Jeep Grand Cherokee.

In the range of engines for the Italian maker  2011 Maserati SUV will include 6.4-liter gasoline v8 of Chrysler, developing 465 horsepower three-liter six-cylinder and diesel power with VM Motor 300hp for comparison, the same diesel engine in the Grand Cherokee has a 241 hp

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