Saturday, October 13, 2018

Chinese Pay to smash his Gallardo

Chinese Pay to smash his Gallardo - World Consumer Day, celebrated yesterday, was sad for a black Lamborghini Gallardo. News of the unhappy owner of a Chinese Gallardo, who paid a group of workers with hammers to destroy the battle public his car, walked the earth.

Businessman from the city of Qingdao is determined to rout hundreds of spectacular journalists after the Lamborghini Gallardo refused to fire despite costly repairs in the official service of the manufacturer.

Lamborghini Gallardo was bought just six months ago, but on 29 November last year defective engine and then the local brand representatives tried unsuccessfully to “revive”.

Meanwhile, the workshop was skinned armor Lamborghini Gallardo and the chassis was somehow struck. The management refused to take responsibility for damage and to restore them.

According to Chinese furious developer representation of the brand Lamborghini Gallardo was never able to meet service standards imposed by Lamborghini in Europe and America. World Consumer Day seemed ideal date for the protest against the outrageous to the local importer.

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