Sunday, October 7, 2018

Lada Niva Putin’s Military Machine

It is known that Vladimir Putin is a fan of Russian cars.  The yellow Lada Niva, which has gone the distance from Khabarovsk to Chita, was exhibited in the museum of Volzhsky automobile factory in Togliatti. The cult “Lada 4×4″ is also a favorite of Putin. Specially elaborated Niva is the Russian prime minister military machine.

Putin Lada Niva 4×4 Sport

The Lada Niva of the prime minister is not really unique. It is produced by the sports division of AvtoVAZ, that made only  20 units from this modificatio. This version is not a civilian model, but the plant is done under the code “Goszakaz” or in other words government contract. Cars in this lot are never marketed. They are distributed to senior authorities and of course one of them falls into the hands of Putin.

Lada Niva 4×4 interior

The engine of of the “special” Lada Niva is from Opel. It has a working volume of two liters and is combined with a five-speed gearbox from the Chevrolet Niva. The owner of this SUV is unknown. Putin’s car is equipped with a standard engine. Russian engineers installed new back pistons with increased diameter to 84 mm . Because of this change. the installation of a new crankshaft  is necessary. The working volume is 1.9 liters.

Lada Niva 4×4 Military

The combustion chambers of Lada Niva has been changed, whereby the compression ratio is increased to 10.5:1. Intake and exhaust systems were also replaced with new units by getting air passes through a special snorkel, that prevents water to ingress into the motor. There are some changes in the gas distribution mechanism. It features a new camshaft, which increases torque.

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