Sunday, October 7, 2018

Range Rover 2012 Evoque

Range Rover 2012 Evoque - British car maker Land Rover  plans to change its generation Range Rover 2012. It is on the market since 2002 and according to the management of the brand’s, the ten-year design is about to be changed. The company said that to the 2012 Range Rover it will be paid serious attention to the technical characteristics of the SUV.

According to the representatives for Land Rover, the next generation of Range Rover 2012 will be reviled for a new brand, launched by the compact Range Rover “Evoque”. Internal company source said on egm CarTech,  that the new 2012 Range Rover will get more streamlined design. One of the innovations associated with improved applies will be much flatter aerodynamics.

At this stage it’s clear that most changes are going to be in the shell of the 2012 Range Rover, which will be reflected on the final price. However, what is new under the hood of the 2012 Range Rover is yet unknown. It’s not clear that it will become a generational change. According to preliminary information, first appearance of the new Range Rover 2012 in public will take place in winter or spring of next year. But as we can see on the picture, the interior  will be modified . The previous model is in some ways boring compared to the new one. With more fancy and comfortable modifications, the new model probably will become a best seller as the Evoque.

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