Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Range Rover Sport Hybrid – The Compact Crossover

Range Rover Sport Hybrid – Land Rover is developing a hybrid modification of the SUV Range Rover Sport Hybrid. Version will appear in dealer centers in 2012. Only electric-powered car can travel approximately 32 miles. The amount of CO2 emissions discharged into the atmosphere it will not exceed 100 grams per kilometer. This is six grams more than the hybrid Toyota Prius.

Range Rover Sport Hybrid front

Tests on five prototype green Range Rover Sport Hybrid starting next year. SUV will be equipped with three-liter six-cylinder diesel engine with two turbines. Its output will be 245 hp Maximum torque is 600 Nm. In combination with the unit will work with electric and 25 kilowatts with a set of special accumulators. Batteries will be capable of booting from household grid. Part of the stored energy will be recovered during braking of the car, thanks to special system.

Range Rover Sport Hybrid Interior

Land Rover is preparing a second model Range Rover Sport Hybrid – compact crossover whose design will be implemented in the style of concept-led LRX. The car will be a hybrid power plant. On rear axle will be mounted electric motors.

Range Rover Sport Hybrid

For development of compact crossover Range Rover Sport Hybrid UK government granted the auto manufacturer’s 27 million pounds. The plan for development of Land Rover over the next five years, the company will reduce by 20 percent level of CO2 emissions for all vehicles.

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