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The garden furniture of Gardenhouse

The garden furniture of Gardenhouse

The garden furniture of Gardenhouse - The garden furniture is light, comfortable, functional, very mobile, because it is not limited by the requirements of the closed spaces. It has more free will, does not necessarily require keeping in mind the style of the other furniture and the general style in the household. When creating garden furniture the designers give freedom to their own visions, combining styles and concepts.

The Florida based studio Gardenhouse for garden furniture uses the motto: vintage is modern and this function of the garden furniture can be seen in all their suggestions.

The garden furniture of Gardenhouse

The wonderful collection of garden furniture has been created by Cheryl Maeder Antonio and her husband Gary, who makes sculptures out of metal. United under the name Gardenhouse, the two artists search for the small markets, direct their works at the antique shops and answer to tradesmen with a passion towards vintage furniture. Their shared passion creates a collection of furniture for well projected places for sitting in the garden. Cheryl explains that they create their work with their own signed style, with which they have filled their home, studio and the homes of their friends.

The garden furniture of Gardenhouse

Inspiring new upholsters, modern cloths and an original point of view fill every piece of the collection and recreate the motto: vintage is modern.

The beautiful, original and unexpected suggestions by Gardenhouse are suitable for both the garden and the home as well, bringing in freshness, good mood and a new vision.

Among their most original suggestions is a chair in a vintage style, upholstered with black patent leather, ideal for inner and outer use in the garden. Another example is a set of a table with chairs. The table has a desktop made of transparent glass, while the chairs come with brightly coloured seats. There is a living room sofa in a retro style from the sixties with colourful double-faced pillows and a pipe construction in yellow. There is also a couch with a Sanbrella canvas, with double-faced pillows with French letters and black patent leather. The pipe construction has been underlined in golden.

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