Friday, November 9, 2018

Considerations For Getting Your Cat The Ideal Cat Scratching Post

Considerations For Getting Your Cat The Ideal Cat Scratching Post

Cats have a natural behavior of regularly hooking their front claws into a surface and scratching it. There are many reasons they do so as a natural instinct. It helps in sharpening their claws, exercising their legs and even as a gesture of marking their territory. This action also helps in removing their old nails and they also do it as a form of playing. A cat scratching post is an ideal material to give to your cat to keep other things in your home safe. Without this post, there is a good chance that your cat can scratch and damage the furniture, furnishings and curtains. There are small cat trees that can also be used as a great scratching material.

The commonly used cat scratching post has a wooden central post that is enveloped using some rough and sturdy fabric. This post is vertically mounted onto a base where the cat can stand and stretch itself upwards on the rear legs. The wide base ensures that the cat doesn't tip over when it engages in this action, which is perhaps a sweet experience for it. the type of material used on the post can vary. The material should be something that doesn't match with the upholstery or carpet in your home.

You may even find that it is required to experiment with different types of cat trees n order to find the most suitable surface for your cat to scratch. Corrugated cardboard or sisal surfaces are considered to be the ideal surfaces preferred by cats. Some of the posts have elaborate designs as they can have platforms for the cat to climb and small caves so that it can rest. A cat tree is called so because it usually tall so that the cat can climb and scratch it. These posts can also have an extension rod attached to the ceiling to ensure stability.

A large cat scratching post gives your cat sufficient space for climbing, playing and even sprawling. Since, behavior varies from one cat to another, make sure that you check different options to find with would work best for your pet. A small scratching surface can even be made from turning the carpet upside down. It can be a woven pad of sisal having a loop so that it can be hung around. Once you have chosen the right scratching post, it is also important to train your pet to use it for scratching.

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