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How To Planting Roses in Polybag and Pots

Planting Roses in Polybag and Pots

Planting Roses in Polybag - How to plant roses in order to grow up properly? Planting flowers in the pot is not too difficult, it takes is a willingness and eagerness to learn. This is because in the process of planting and care of roses to be treated specifically. In addition to keeping nutritional needs, you should also pay attention to the plant's water needs. Here are the steps in doing the cultivation of roses.

The first step in Roses is preparing to plant the seeds. If you want to have no more time to process the nursery, you can buy the seeds of the Roses sold in place of a florist. Choose seeds that are good and there are no signs of illness.

If you want to do your own nursery could try using cuttings. Choose the rose stems that are already quite old then cut using a clean knife along the 10 cm. prepare media for planting from the polybag or pots that have been filled in a mixture of manure and soil 2:1 by comparison. Let the planting medium for 15 days.

Make a hole on the planting medium with a size 3 or 4 cm. Next step is to place the stems of the roses that have been planting media into distek slowly so that her skin is not damaged. Cover the hole with soil and then put in place protected from direct sunlight or rain.

How To Planting Roses in Polybag and Pots

Create and Prepare the planting of roses Media
The planting medium used for growing roses in pots is a mixture of organic fertilizer, sand and soil in comparison with 1:4:4. Mix all of the above media until well blended then allow up to 15 days.

For the medium you can use pot or poly bag but it is recommended to use pots made from ground. Because the the pot has good drainage system. For the size of the pot you can adjust as you desire. But do not use a pot that is too small because it will interfere with the growth of the plant. Use a pot with a minimum size of 25 cm.

Planting Roses on Planting Media
When seedlings roses have started to grow, it is a signal that the plant has been transferred into the media ready for planting. The first step you should do is fill the planting media base with fractional genting so that water coming out of the planting medium not too muddy. Fill the pot with the planting medium (a mixture of soil, manure and sand) until a half section, then input the rose seeds right in the middle of the pot. After that add the planting medium back until the pot is full.

Then press the planting medium is slowly so that the seedlings can flower stand with erect and not easily collapsed when watered. When you are finished planting a pot may be located in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight for about a week until the plant is ready to be fully exposed to sunlight directly.

If the roses are already growing, flush with routine with clean water every morning and evening. Rose tree very like to the Sun so that its place in the living room that has enough light from the Sun

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