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Roses – Understanding, History, and Benefits

Roses – Understanding, History, and Benefits

Roses are one of the types of plants that have a unique form of Bush. The name of the rose itself is taken from the word Rose or Rosa which denotes the name of the place it comes from. This type of flower has more than 100 species are scattered throughout the world.

Most of them grow in the northern hemisphere that has cool air. In General, the entire plant species shrub rose has a spiked darun rods. Not only that, it also has the ability to grow up to 5 metres.

In fact, there is also a type of rose as high as 20 meters. However, this type of rose is very difficult once found his life because that propagate at other plants.

The majority of plant species shrub rose has a length of about 4 leaves up to 15 Centimeters. Form his position any two-two opposites. Compound leaves that are owned by the plant consists of approximately 3 to 13 leaves the leaves have shapes that tend to be oval, beringgit, prickly edges on the stem, the bones were menyirip any tapered leaves and tip. The thorns on the stems of the Roses is located on the lower part of the stem. Rather the rods that stick on the ground.

Did you know, that the actual plant of Roses is not the plants belonging to the categories plants of tropical shrubs. Why is this so? Since most of this merontokan plant type leaves when the spring. However, this is only done by the plant the roses that are in asia.

These flowers have 5 petals strands. Exception type roses serica which only has 4 strands at the tip of the flower petals. Types of roses that have 5 strands of petals of Roses is red, white, blue, pink, yellow and some other types. Ovarinya else is located at the bottom of the petals and leaves petal.

Roses – Understanding, History, and Benefits

History Of Roses
Not only the shape of the flowers are very beautiful and unique, it turns out that rose has a history that is not less beautiful with its shape. Believe it or not that's actually the buga rose existed before man was created

Based on fossil evidence stored in the monument national monument Florissant Fossil Colorado-United States, traces the first roses have been around since about 40 million years ago.

In addition, some also found fossils of roses that exist in Oregon and Montana. It is estimated that the fossils of roses has aged more than 35 million years old. This was further strengthened by the discovery of several fossils of such interest in Germany and yugoslavia.

Rose, currently can grow and berkemban good in some areas that has a tropical climate. In other words, it will grow in a country that has four seasons. However, as it says at the beginning, this type is also often found in nature that have extreme temperatures like the Antarctic and Norway.

If we go south, then kesebelah will be found roses that grow wild in the African region and Mexico. It is estimated there are more than 150 species of roses thrives taeniatus.

Cultivating the new rose garden itself started 5,000 years ago. It is characterized by the emergence of the new International society, China, Egypt, Greece and Phoenicia. However, experts agree that plant the Roses was originally comes from Central Asia. Rather already wrote since 70 million years ago (Eocene).

The Oldest Types Of Roses
If viewed from the history of the development of the flower of bawar, have mentioned that there are a wide variety of species that exist in various parts of the world. But did you know? Verily, there are species of roses that have been identified as having age around 40 million years ago.

This species of rose is a French Rose (Rossa Gallica) or if translated into the Indonesian language has meaning French roses. This type of rose is recognized as the world's oldest.

But wait, although the name of this plant contains elements of French words, turns of this type is not derived from the country of France. In fact, this interest has yet to be identified. The flowers of this many Galica Rossa grows in Central and southern Europe.

Function parts of roses
In General, of any species of roses that exist around the world has sections of the same tumbugan. Among them: leaves, roots, Thorns, stems, petals and Flower Crown. Does it do any relatively the same. Adapaun some of the functions of the parts of Roses will be covered in a few paragraphs below.

Crown Of Roses
Daum's Crown of flowers or commonly called the corolla in general have the texture of bright colors. The function of the Crown of flowers is as decoy for animals that existed around the flowers. It is aimed to let the animals or insects can help the course of the process of pollination.

This function might be very applicable to wild roses. However, this functionality does not apply to this type of hybrid roses. Rose is a kind of hybrid roses that penyerbukannya process assisted by human hands.

Any cross-mating type of the marriage. The hybrid roses which were touted as modern roses. On this type of rose, the functions of the Crown are as the most entertaining and can be enjoyed.

Flower Petals
Part of rose petals (calyx) is the result of the modification of the leaves are located at the circle of flowers outside. This part is commonly referred to as flower jewelry. The existing sheets in this section called the sepal.

The function of the petals is himself as the protector of the Crown of flowers. Which in practice they cover part of the Roses when the flower-shaped buds. But as time went on, the petals will be increasingly open

The stem or Stalk of flowers
The function of the stem or stalk on a rose is as part of the rose plant itself. In other words, a batang has a function as a Sustainer of life of this plant.

In addition, the stem also has a function as a carrier of minerals, water and a variety of food substances will be digested by the leaves. The stems can also serve as a tool-culture through the process of cuttings at Wild Rose or green on the modern roses.

The Rose Thorn
The thorns on the roses in fact have different functions. At the plant the roses that propagate, these spines serve as a hook at any time this flower climbing plants that exist around them.

The thorns on the stems of the Roses also has a function as a form of Defense interest of any kind of animal eaters. While the function of thorns on the roses are as modern accessories plants that would be wonderful if seen.

The leaves on the flower
The leaf itself has the function as the place of performance of the process fotosintetis. Photosynthesis is the process of processing the sari-sari food substances taken from the soil through the roots and stems of up to up to the leaves. This process also requires the help of sunlight.

Therefore, plants roses should be placed in a place that is affordable by the midday sun. It is aimed so that the flowers can grow well.

Roses – Understanding, History, and Benefits

The Benefits of The Roses
Did you know that plant shrub rose has a high economic value. It is characterized by the large number of requests from a wide range of consumers. The existence of such a need, then emerged some of the companies that began cultivating these plants commercially.

In addition to his position as cut flowers or ornamental flowers, rose also turned out to have a wide range of benefits that can be felt by humans. Whether it's as a raw material and as a perfume base material treatment. Then what are the manafaat of such interest? Following his review.

Get Rid Of Acne
You need to know, that the Roses themselves contain cairang who serves as a natural cleaning ingredients rich in antioxidants. This substance is finally able to stand against the whole incidence of acne-causing bacteria on the face. If you want to clear acne, how fairly simple.

You only need to wash your face using rose water already mixed with warm water. Then apply these measures on a regular basis to ensure that you get maximum results.

Treat Skin Naturally
With fluid which is owned by the roses, then your skin's pH balance would be maintained properly. Rose water is indeed proven to be able to balance the production of SOAP contained on the skin.

This water turns can also be used for skin that has a kada excess oil, can also be used on dry textured skin. In addition to water the roses can also heal skin diseases such as eczema.

Keep Hair Health
The Roses have a natural content of air that can be important pali damming layers on the hair. The trick is very simple, you just need to menteskan some liquid interest then combine with the liquid shampoo. Use the mixture to wash.

After shampooing, apply back cairang rose earlier on the hair is still wet. Then massage gently in order to assist the process of growth of the hair.

Vaginal Hygiene
Did you know that treatments are carried out by the international Spa using Roses as the base material cleanup ' miss v '. Miss V wash you use cairang interest has taken mixed with warm water.

Overcoming Swollen swollen feet-
How, you just need to take a few sheets of roses and then mix it with 30gram leaves sembung. After that wash keduan these materials to clean. Rebuslah in a single container 600 ml of water and then drink water regularly 2 days.

Reduce Stress
The scent of roses, will provide its own relaxing effect on some people. Earlier people already using Roses as one of tranquilizers when experiencing the trials and stress. Ancient Roman society even used to make rose as melancholy.

Roses – Understanding, History, and Benefits

How To Plant Roses
Most of the flower lovers prefer planting roses in pots. This is due to the lack of land and place. If you want to plant your roses in pots, then there are a few terknik you need to do. The explanation is more or less as follows.

Determination Of Seed
The most important and must you prepare is the seedling cuttings of good quality. In this case, you should choose the central part of the stem which is not too far from his roots. Do not use the tip part is still too young. The chances of successfully from the planting is very thin. You need to know that planting roses isn't easy.

Choosing Potted
After preparing the seeds of roses are good, do not forget to prepare as well as the media pot planting. You can use the pots made of plastic, clay, cement or ceramic. All depends on your taste.

Don't forget also to adjust the size of the pot according to the size of the Roses we are planting later.

Soil Type
The land of the most nice fit menanambunga Roses is a land that has the texture of black color and loose. It would be great if the land use are former combustion. After that you should also prepare compost.

But remember, don't mix the compost too much content. This is due to the large number of fertilizer and land used for planting should be tailored to the type of roses you are planting.

Rose cuttings should be done on a stalk that is already quite old with a cut on the size 4 to 6 cm by using the tool sharp and clean cut. The planting medium for planting the most roses buga bai is the pure land without fertilizers.

For soil that contains too much could hamper the growth of stems of roses that are in cuttings.

Use Poly Bag
Use poly bag that has the size of a quarter of a kilo. Then fill the poly bag with soil for cultivation occurring process. Next, plug in the Middle until the cuttings into a half media anam.

Give water and don't forget also for hollow plastic polybagnya with tally marks. Put the planting medium at a shady spot and should not be given fertiliser used to be until the end of the plant roots grow. If the roots are already growing, then the plant is ready to move.

Removal Of Plants
If there are leaves on the Rose has already appeared, he was ready for the planting medium is moved to the next. Use a mixture of soil and compost by comparison 2:1. Move the Roses last with tearing part polybagnya.

Do not let the soil become damaged in polybag, then input the ground above to the new media. In addition, don't forget to pay attention to the signs that the interest affected by the disease.

The signs are in the form of leaf rust and black spots that appear, as this can cause the leaves of roses into a loss. Types of roses are indeed greatly affect the process of adaptation on the flowers.

For this type of rose red, he was included into the types of flowers that are able to adapt quickly. Types of roses in many colors and forms due to select. Even some experts ever argued that this flower is the symbol of compassion.

Another Mix
The material used is a mixture of soil and compost. But you could also add the mixture as an ingredient into the mix pasit. Takarannya maybe a quarter section of land size or compost.

Once plugged into the pot, don't forget to even soaked it with water. But remember even soaked it with quite a bit of water, not too much. After that save the plant it in cool place.

Roses – Understanding, History, and Benefits

Types of Roses With The Image and Its Meaning
As a lover of roses, for which you can buy Roses at the nearby shops. Prices rose there in the range up to pertangkainya rupiah 20rb 10rb. Sometimes when our friends give a sprig of Red Roses as a token of affection. However, we must also know what is the meaning of the granting of such interest.

Red Roses Flowers
The Roses defined as regular expression of love that is up to the recipient. However, often a red rose was given with the meaning of the symbol of courage and respect. Like when awarded the victory or during the funeral of the hero being berlagsung.

Pink Roses
The granting of this one is given as a symbol of happiness. If there is someone who gives flowers pink roses to you then that means he is happy. But you don't get incorrectly determines the color of the roses, because Pink is very similar to the rose colored orange.

Pink Roses that have older color texture could be interpreted as ungakapan thanks a giver to the receiver.  However if given is pink roses that have young color texture, this could be interpreted as an expression of admiration.

Peach Roses
For the type of roses this one many interpreted as expression of friendship from a friend. Because the color peach in fact symbolizes a warmth of a bond. If you have a friend, do not hesitate to give it to him.

Yellow Roses
In contrast to other yan roses, yellow roses has the sense of phrasing one's jealousy or commonly referred to as a symbol of Victorian. This Victorian is a growing jealousy when the relationship both partners are kasmaran.

White Rose
White Rose itself has a very deep meaning. On its use, roses usually associated with things that contain elements of chastity, love peace and humility. Hindus use the Roses at their religious rituals.

Orange Roses
Just as white rose, rose orange has a sense of sacredness and purity. Orange roses are also very often used in a bouquet as a symbol of love spiritua, Union, unity and a new beginning.

Rose Violet
The beauty and uniqueness of this lavender-colored roses melambangka a perfection charm. These types of roses are also often used as a symbol of the expression will be growing feelings of love at first sight.

The Roses Black
If the views of black roses, meaning it has the sense of a very-very mysterious. There are several versions regarding the meaning of granting roses black. It is argued that these flowers have the meaning of death and mourning. This became one of the reasons why every funeral most people wear black multi.

More great again, there are some people who interpret this black roses with other meanings. I.e., resurrection. Yes, they believe that black Roses is one of the signs of a resurrection man.

The Specialty Of The Roses
In addition to containing many benefits, it turns out the Roses also has a wide variety of other privileges. Among them:

Roses is perfect if used as a deodorizer, odor it produces highly fragrant and calming.
These flowers can also be used as air heart of a woman. Its beautiful and delicate lids are made throughout a woman's being persuaded.

Believe it or not, the roses are believed to be able to ease the path of the love of a man.
It also turns out to be allowed as a source of natural color, no sedikir painter who uses this flower as a reference point in the painting.

Can be used as medicinal ingredients dry cough, measles, spasm and swelling in the calf.
Perhaps the many explanations of the history, benefits, features, how to sow and all that is on the roses. We hope, this article can be a reference for you readers who want to do the cultivation of roses. Best wishes for a fruitful experience.

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